Update: When Stepping Back is the Right Strategy | SharonHayes.com

18 Aug

August 18, 2014 UpdateHey guys!I’m back in Canada for the next month before I head off on my next adventures. I have a couple of things to share with you today: 2 new blog posts.Have a great week!

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When Stepping Back Is the Right Strategy | SharonHayes.com

15 Aug

What a couple of weeks I’ve had! Since I got back from California, I’ve been pretty well focused on what we need to do with the company moving forward. We had a game plan set running through February 2015. Unfortunately, through our rapid company growth, I’ve made some errors in judgment. Note: I’m not passing the buck on this to anyone else – as the CEO, ultimately everything falls back on me. Growing pains are not uncommon, I know. It just stinks when you hit them. It stinks even worse when you realize that you’re moving to a place where you’re risking no longer being happy with the work you do.

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Update: Is This My Best Training Ever? | SharonHayes.com

12 Aug

August 11, 2014 Update

Hey guys!I have a few juicy content pieces for you to check out today.Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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Why Using a Clever Domain Name May Work Against You

12 Aug

One of the biggest reasons we give for having a better domain name is to help you stand out among over 233 million registered domains. “Standing out” might lead you to believe that you should have a clever URL to catch people’s attention, but that can easily backfire.Clever names take a variety of forms. You might use a name with a double-meaning, a play-on-words, an obscure foreign word with relevant meaning, a domain hack or perhaps an interesting brandable misspelling/variation.Many brandable domain names are meant to be clever and some have great success. A lot of recent startups have gone this route including the successful Hipmunk and Pinterest. Brandable phrase domains used in promotions can be clever as well, such as FedEx’s NoMoreAllNighters.com and Durex’s ProposeTheRing.com.

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Update: How to Decide Between Brandable and Generic Domains | SharonHayes.com

31 Jul

July 28, 2014 UpdateHey guys!I’m now in sunny San Diego after having spent a few days with my mastermind group in Los Angeles. I’ll share some more info on that in my next update.Have a fantastic week ahead!

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How to Decide Between Brandable and Generic Domains

31 Jul

Companies looking to stake their claim online need the right domain to take them there. The first step to finding that domain is to determine which style of name to go with: brandable or generic.Before we get into the criteria to consider, let’s look at what these terms mean.Generic domains utilize keywords describing an exact product, service, location, concept or combination. Cars.com, Denver.com, Insurance.com and FreeCreditScore.com are examples. A generic domain contain words with existing meaning and the domain is used for that meaning. If you take away the extension, the name is incapable of being a brand because it’s not unique.Brandable domains on the other hand use uniqueness in numerous ways for the purpose of creating a brand that can live without the extension or uniquely with the extension in some cases. Google.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com and Apple.com are all brandable domains, with Apple.com being brandable due to the company being involved in electronics, computing, and many things other than the fruit.

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Update: California, Here I Come | SharonHayes.com

22 Jul

Hey guys!I’m in overdrive mode as I get some things wrapped up before I head to California for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately due to a personal issue which I’ll share with you at some point, I have to come back in early August. So my 4 months of travel will be pushed forward until October. It’s probably not a bad thing: after how bad the last winter was in Canada, I don’t want to spend another one here!

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